We believe in potential of decentralized finance (Defi) to change all the concepts about investment. So we introduce our Defi system we’ve been developing to create a global tourism investments fund. We’re tokenizing the nature of capital & project relationship as an act through contemporary essentials.

This fund is committed the hospitality industry and all forms of management involving accommodations, restaurants, travel, tourism infrastructure, leisure, and more generally all solutions specific to the sector (distribution, collaboration, digital, etc.) participating in the new sector economy.

WTFI primarily focuses on creating capital to the investments in Africa, Europe, Central Asia and Asia regions. We’re especially focusing on projects with major global hospitality brands in these regions.

How to benefit from this fund?

Rules for projects looking for investment:

  • The project should be feasible financially, socially and environmentally. These investment criterias & values will be audited and undersigned by a leading audit institution approved by WTFI.
  • Owners of the approved projects should accept WTFI’s due-diligence to make sure the investment is heading in a safe direction to success. This will assist projects in order to boost growth and achieve their potential to create value.

With this outlier investment platform WTFI is committed to create sustainable sources of capital & profit for both investors and project owners in tourism, hospitality and related industries.

WTFI primarily focuses on creating capital with DeFi solutions to the investments in Africa, Europe, Central Asia and Asia regions.