The site

Nur-Sultan has a very rich site context around. There’s the naturally occurring landscape, with water flowing seasonally throughout the site. It is surrounded by many major landmarks and public spaces.

Development Overview

The city around the site has been continuously growing since 2002 with the city’s expansion creating more opportunities for various communities and developments to evolve and capitalize on those opportunities.

The aim of this project is to develop a unique family entertainment destination and mixed use district in Nur-Sultan with an approximate site area of 340ha and target GFA of approximately 1.4 million sqm.

Further, the original project brief to undertake pre-concept design for Phase 1A will include the following assets:

  • Mall – GFA of approximately 130,000sqm

  • Entertainment – GFA of approximately 58,000sqm
  • Tower 1 - Class A Office building – GFA of approximately 10,000sm

  • Tower 2 - 3*Hotel (200 keys - 15,000 sqm) with Serviced Apartments (200 keys - 36,000 sqm)

  • Tower 2 - 5*Hotel (200 keys - 30,000 sqm) with Serviced Apartments (200 keys - 36,000sqm)

  • Parking structure and associated service areas.

With the project development, the brief was refined to better attend the market expectations. The project team was also required to explore the urban arrangement of an increased overall GFA, to nearly 2.9 million sqm

Community facilities such as schools, kindergartens, clinics and community retail were also integrated to the original brief assuming the best practices until further clarification by the Nur- Sultan authorities.