The site

Nur Sultan is capital of Kazakhstan since 1997. It is located in the center of Kazakhstan in the dry steppe zone and in the grass steppe subzone. The area of the city stands above the flood plain. The Yessil River is a major waterway of the capital. The capital city is about 810. 2 sq. km.

Government of Kazakhstan is in the process of development of conceptual infrastructural planning for a 370 Ha site in capital city Nur Sultan, Kazakhstan.

Conceptual Infrastructural Planning for a 370 Hectare mixed use development in capital city Nur Sultan, Kazakhstan. Providing inputs for Transportation and Traffic Planning, Water and Wastewater management, Sewage, Drainage, Energy, Street Lighting, Gas Supply, Heating Mechanism and Solid waste Management.

The intent for the infrastructure masterplan is to provide a conceptual overview of the utility requirements for a mixed-use development including residential, commercial, entertainment, offices and hospitality uses.

The Proposed Infrastructure Planning comprises of:

  • Demand Assessment for all utilities in Phase I and rest of the phases;
  • Water & wastewater management strategy including potable, firefighting water supply management plan, and sanitary drainage system;
  • Preliminary environmental impact analysis, hydrological analysis and storm water drainage system;
  • Heating main system;
  • Gas supply system
  • Power distribution and supply system
  • Street lighting system
  • Traffic Planning, preliminary Road capacity assessment and road geometric design; and
  • Development of integrated site wide infrastructure plans and road cross-sections.